It’s National Game & Puzzle Week!!

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November 18-24 is National Game and Puzzle Week! If you like puzzles and games, our collection is filled with ways to help you have a good time or to challenge your mind.

Hoyle’s Rules of Games is the definitive source for rules of games of all types. Whether it’s poker, bridge, dice, dominoes or pinochle, you’ll find the rules here. Hundreds of games are explained – never argue with your friend over the rules for Scrabble again!

Looking to plan a family game night? Leigh Anderson’s The Games Bible is full of ideas for games of all types: indoors or outdoors, kids or adults, for two people or a group. Whoever you are and whatever you feel like doing, this book has something for you.

Las Vegas is a city built on games of chance. The history of gambling is masterfully told by author and UNLV professor David Schwartz in Roll the Bones: the History of Gambling. Learn the ancient origins and colorful histories of the games of chance that helped shape our city.

Fewer things are more frustrating than being stuck while doing a crossword puzzle. Never fear – the library has a database for that! Credo’s Crossword Puzzle Solver lets you plug in the letters you have on your grid and will give you a list of possible answers. The database also links these words to Credo reference articles if you want to know the definition of the word you just looked up.

You can also play games AT your library. Many branches regularly hold family game nights, Pokemon and Yugioh tournaments, and even Lego building events. Check the events page on the Library District’s website for more information.

Come see what your library has to offer and let the games begin!


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